Why Pick Me?

Grade School Humiliation!

I was always picked nearly last when teams were chosen for grade school kickball or dodge ball games.  Out of 30 kids, I’d be left standing there next to the ‘larger target’ while a captain debated between the last two of us left.  As much as I cringed inside while standing there trying to act casual, I knew why I was the reluctant pick while classmate Bobby Knight was always chosen first.  He had mad athletic skills and everyone knew it, while I had a reputation for dropping the ball.

What’s interesting is that now I’m in an even more competitive environment, competing against tens of thousands of bank card agents and companies nationwide.   The difference is I know I’m the top choice now.  Just like Bobby Knight, success breeds confidence.  It wasn’t bragging or arrogance when he would explain why he was picked first. He could simply perform better on the field than anyone else.  Likewise, I know I can outperform anyone in my field of business. Allow me to explain why I’m the first pick as a merchant services provider.

When looking for a professional, experience and expertise are important.  A business needs to know the individual and company, responsible for approximately half their cash flow, is capable and dependable.  In an industry where the average career lifespan is less than a month, I have over seventeen years of hard earned experience.  I challenge you to find a more experienced agent to personally service your account.  It’s this level of experience that helps me to listen, assess, recommend, implement and maintain the right payment solution for an individual businesses needs.  And just like Bobby had his ‘Punt, Pass and Kick’ trophies to prove he was the best, I’ve also got the credentials to back me up, as I’ve earned the designation of Certified Payment Professional.

If there had been free agency on the play ground, the other kids would have probably willingly given up their lunch money just to have Bobby on their team.  We all know that the best command the highest fees.  Interestingly, it’s just the opposite when a business works with me.  Because I’m established and have solid relationships with the best processing banks, I’ve been able to negotiate the best rates and get many standard fees waived.  Here’s a partial list of my pricing advantages:

  • No Annual Fees!  Most competitors charge $95 or more!
  • No Application Fees or Start Up Costs!
  • Free Online Reporting!  Savings of $6 a month or more!
  • Month End Billing at no charge!  Many competitors will remove the discount rate (fees) daily, causing an accounting nightmare!
  • No IRS TIN Reporting Fees.  IRS reporting (6050W) is mandatory and many payment processors will pass associated costs on to the merchant. (Except with Signature Card Services.  $1.95 mo. fee applies.)
  • Free Unlimited Live Customer Service Calls!
  • Free Quarterly Account Analysis.  We are always happy to analyze your account for savings and efficiency and possibly lower your rate!
  • Free Credit Card Terminal with Processing!  Most competitors will sell, or worse, lease a terminal to get an upfront profit at your expense!  Beyond a $25 monthly minimum, THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL COSTS OR HOOKS! (Except with Signature Card Services, as of October 2013, a monthly fee of $3 a month will apply.)
  • Free Overnight Replacements!  If your terminal fails with our free terminal program, you will have a replacement overnighted for absolutely no cost!  (Except with Signature Card Services.  As of October 2013, overnight replacement is $55.  However, ground shipping is still free.)
  • The Best Pricing Structure!  We will find the best pricing strategy for your business and as your business grows and changes, we can alter your plan to continue to save you money.

Although I do earn a very comfortable income, it’s not at the expense of a few merchants, but rather due to my success of giving hundreds of merchants a home for their payment processing.  So you can save your lunch money and still get the best on your team!

The other thing I noticed about Bobby was that he wanted his whole team to win above everything.  Many times he would selflessly throw himself in front of a bullet of a dodge ball, sacrificing himself for a teammate.  I really think that kind of team focused customer attitude is what really separates me from the rest of the competition.  I sincerely want the best solution and value for my clients above all.  I care for each and every potential client and treat them as if they were an old friend in helping them out.  Long term client friendships are my passion for my business.

Thankfully, I never needed therapy over being picked last, but Bobby Knight and the lessons I learned on that playground will never be forgotten.  I appreciate what I was shown about the importance of picking a winner.  Today, I can confidently say, “Pick me.  I promise I won’t drop the ball!”


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  1. I read this and thought, “I got voted Best Personality; does that mean I was the ugly girl”. 🙂 I would pick you any day and I’m glad to say I kinda learned a lot from reading this. Nice Job! 🙂

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