How Does A Free Onion Go With Home Furnishings? Ask David Namoff of Rooms Direct!

Before Cornerstone Business Solutions became known for providing merchant services and merchant cash advances, David Namoff was a customer of the fledgling company.  Back in 2000, Dave owned the huge furniture store across the street and was already known by many as ‘Downer’ Dave, the guy with the free onion and the best furniture deals.  Over the years,  Rooms Direct has been an incredibly loyal customer and has been a big part in working to educate Cornerstone on the specific payment services needs of furniture retailers.   Not only is he a valuable customer, he’s also become a great friend!

So, it’s with great pleasure that I post this exclusive interview with the ‘man behind the onion’!  Watch it and you’ll find out:
  • How Dave Namoff and his family started in the furniture retail business!
  • The 50 year history behind the free onion promotion!
  • 2013 Black Friday specials!
  • Two of the craziest furniture stories he’s seen in the past 30 years!
  • How Dave has dropped the pounds and looking at his first Marathon!
  • Why Cornerstone is his payment provider of choice!

I know this short video just touches the surface on Dave and he’s well known by so many friends and customers.  I would ask anyone that wants to share anything about Dave to please add it in the comments below.

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  1. Great video Robert. Very interesting. I love to hear stories on how businesses got started. Keep up the awesome info.

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