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Utilizing payment gateways is becoming more of a necessity for small business owners today. Payment gateways can often seem confusing, but understanding it’s benefits is vital to offer your customers convenience and choice.

Here is a quick overview of 7 payment gateways and more specifically,, and how they can enhance the bottom line of your small business.  

E-CommerceA payment card gateway is an e-commerce program that facilitates credit card transactions via a secure connection to a password protected, secure, hosted site. This program was originally used largely to facilitate e-commerce transactions automatically when connected to a website shopping cart via api codes.

Payment gateways can also be used as a virtual terminal, since any computer that is logged into the internet can access the site, login and manually process a credit card transaction.   Gateways are essentially the mechanism for processing a transaction and work in conjunction with a merchant account, provided by the merchant services provider. Fees for the gateway are in addition to the credit card processing fees, but will generally be billed on the same statement. Fees are typically $10 a month for the secure hosting and 5 cents a transaction.

One of the earliest and still most well know examples of a payment gateway would be In addition to their competitive pricing, extremely fast and easy setup and excellent customer service, their program offers many more additional options beyond e-commerce. These ‘plug-in’ solutions include Ecommerce with integrated shopping cart, recurring billing, email integrated billing/payment, Quickbooks integration, mobile card processing and even a POS solution.

Here is a brief overview of their some of their more popular optional features for standard applications:


Accepting credit cards from a website is incredibly easy with In short, a merchant will get a merchant account (the ability to accept credit card payments) from a certified payment provider. When setting up the merchant account, the payment provider will also establish the gateway account on behalf of the merchant. Then the merchant or his web designer can easily connect the payment gateway up to a third party shopping cart. See here for a list of certified shopping carts.

Virtual Terminal also has available a very robust virtual terminal. This allows a business to login into a secure site and accept payments. All that’s needed is an internet connection on any device to login with the secure password information. This is ideal for hand keying any noncard present transactions. See video demonstration here  A Magtek USB card reader can also be added to any computer for speedier transactions and lower credit card processing costs. Readers can be obtained for less than $100 each.

 Recurring Billing

Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) is automated billing that has been used to save businesses multiple hours every month by avoiding re-entering payments. This is a great option for businesses that offer products or services on a subscription basis or want to sell merchandise in installments. This program comes at no additional charge with the standard Virtual Terminal program.

Sync for Quickbooks

Sync for Quickbooks integrates your payment solutions seamlessly. This allows a user to automatically import transactions into a Quickbooks account and syncs daily. This simple and automatic set saves time and elimates errors. For details on the setup and features click here

This feature is available at no extra charge with an account.

Mobile Solution also has available smart phone applications that can be added to a cell phone to enable secure mobile payments. These allow for wireless credit, offline debit or check processing. This app is available at no extra charge with the account. Typically this solution will add a mobile reader. They can currently be purchased here: 

Online Check Solution allows merchants to accept checks online. This option allows for more payment options and also integrates with the Automatic Recurring Billing for monthly debits of checking accounts.

Additional check processing fees apply.

Advanced Fraud Protection Fraud Detection Suite (FDS) is a robust feature that dramatically reduces the impact of fraud on a business through a set of manageable filters and tools that can help identify risky transactions while enabling profitable, legitimate transactions. Learn more here.

This advanced feature is available at no extra cost!

As you can see, the versatility and security of makes this a fantastic choice for businesses that want all options available to them As a business owner, it’s important to find the correct processing solution to meet the specific business needs now and in the future. There is no reason to be overwhelmed with details, but utilizing a professional bankcard representative with experience can assist through the entire process from inception to implementation.

Authorized representatives at BizzGrizz can be reached by calling 888-979-4731.

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