Credit Card Payment Gateway Review: eProcessing Network

ePNTPSG_Page_01credit card payment gateway  is an e-commerce program that facilitates credit card transactions via a secure connection to a password protected, secure, hosted site.  This program was originally used largely to facilitate e-commerce transactions automatically when connected to a website shopping cart via api codes.  Payment gateways can also be used as a virtual terminal, since any computer that is logged into the internet can access the site, login and manually process a credit card transaction.   Gateways are essentially the mechanism for processing a transaction and work in conjuction with a merchant account, provided by the merchant services provider.  Fees for the gateway are in addition to the credit card processing fees, but will generally be billed on the same statement.  Fees are typically $15 a month for the secure hosting and 5 cents a transaction.

One of the earliest and still most well know examples of a payment gateway would be  Although Cornerstone Business Solutions can still offer as a gateway solution, the preferred gateway is E Processing Network (ePN).  In addition to their competitive pricing, extremely fast and easy setup and superior customer service, their program offers many more additional options beyond e-commerce.  These ‘plug-in’ solutions include Ecommerce with integrated shopping cart, recurring billing, email integrated billing/payment, Quickbooks integration, mobile card processing and even a POS solution.  Here is a brief overview of their some of their more popular optional features for standard applications:


The ePN internet sales solution is incredibly easy to use.  A merchant can easily connect the payment gateway up to a third party shopping cart, or simply use the simple integrated ePN Cart  that is available for a onetime $69 charge.

pic-virtual-terminalVirtual Terminal

ePN is very intuitive as a virtual terminal.  You can even add a Magtek USB card reader to any computer for speedier transactions and lower credit card processing costs.  Readers can be obtained for less than $100 each.


ePN RecurRecurring Billing

ePN Recur is automated billing that has been used to save businesses multiple hours every month by avoiding re-entering payments.  This is a great option for businesses that offer products or services on a subscription basis or want to sell merchandise in installments.  This program comes at no additional charge with the standard Virtual Terminal program.  Advanced Recur which allows customers to set up their own recurring billing online is an additional setup fee of $25 and an extra $12.50 a month.

ePN Bill PayEmail Bill Pay

ePN Billpay simplifies invoicing and collections.  It allows a business to email an invoice that a customer can click on and automatically pay with a credit card.  This option is an additional $25 setup fee and $12.50 monthly.


ePN QuickbooksQuickBooks Sync

ePN PlugIn for Quickbooks integrates your payment solutions seamlessly.  Merchants can process credit card, debit cards and checks in Quickbooks or download batches from the ePN server directly to Quickbooks.  There is a one-time $65 charge for the program.


ePN MobileMobile Solution

ePNMobile is a smart phone application downloaded that allows for wireless credit, offline debit or check processing.  This app is a one-time $35 charge.  Typically this solution will add an ePN Mobile Pro Audio Jack Reader.  They are available at $65 each.


ePN JposPOS Solution

ePN JPOS is a Windows based program that can be downloaded to a computer to allow for credit, debit, check and gift card processing without accessing an internet browser.  Essentially this has the ability to turn a computer into a retail POS solution and even has inventory options.  Although the software is only $20, the hardware costs are additional, depending on needs.  Magtek card readers are under $100 and costs for printers are approximately $250.  Bar code scanners can also be utilized and are priced at about $125.


As you can see, the versatility of ePN makes this a fantastic choice for businesses that want all options available to them  As a business owner, it’s important to find the correct processing solution to meet the specific business needs now and in the future.  There is no reason to be overwhelmed with details, but utilizing a professional bankcard representative with experience can assist through the entire process from inception to implementation.  Authorized representative, Robert McBeath, CPP, of Cornerstone Business Solutions can be reached by calling 888-979-4731.

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