Navigating Through the Risks of Credit Card Processing author Bill Pirtle

Author Bill Pirtle’s first book, Navigating Through the Risks of Credit Card Processing is the best and most comprehensive guide for credit card acceptance available, and sadly even most of those business owners that know about it will never take the time to read it.  However, many of the most professional bank card representatives have utilized it as a resource in behalf of their clients.  Personally I’ve not only given many copies of this book out, I’ve also used specific chapters to help educate potential clients.
Since first reading Bill Pirtle’s work, I had the opportunity to meet him and get to know more about his philosophy.  Over the years we’ve also shared many laughs and grown to be friends beyond the industry.  I’m very proud of his continued success in the industry and I’m excited to post this phone interview where he explains his books, passions and how it all started.  Next week I’ll be posting part 2 of the interview where he’ll share his own top three tips for accepting credit cards as well as a few entertaining stories!
For more information on Bill Pirtle and his second book, Credit Card Processing for Sales Agents, go to his site


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