VIP on VID! Monster Pawn Interview!

Cornerstone Business Solutions is extremely excited to feature this incredibly dynamic, special client, Ed Pierce. We’ve worked with him and his wife for over a decade at their Monster Pawn location on RT Dunn Road in Bloomington, IL.  Since then I’ve seen his business grow at that location and several others.

A few notes from the interview itself; Ed is extremely busy and if you’ve ever been in any of his stores, he always seems in hyper-drive, handling multiple conversations and duties at once.  I literally waited for him in the parking lot before he opened, and was impressed that there were only two interruptions during the whole taping.  One was an employee that I thought I’d just leave in and the other was a customer he had to assist that I edited out.

During the interview I referred to a commercial where he and some associates do a song parody.  For the people that may have missed it, you’ve got to click on this link to see the video on youtube!  It makes me laugh every time I watch it!

On a personal note, I consider Ed a friend at this point and when I knew that I wanted to start featuring some important clients, he was at the top of my list.  Not only is his business exciting, but he is quite entertaining (as you can probably tell from his shirt).  I also knew that he would be supportive in this new venture of doing on camera interviews and patient as I worked the bugs out.  I hope the viewers are as patient with my interviewing skills, camera work and editing as Ed was with me.  I tried my best to do Ed and his business justice and I would certainly appreciate any feed back on the interview.

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