Merchant Account Data can Identify, Find, and Target Your Best Customers

Merchant Account Analytics for Customer DemographicsWhat if you had the ability to gain huge amounts of data on your clientele by analyzing the credit card information you process on a daily basis?  Think of the possibilities.  I’ve got great news!  There is a bank card processor out there that is already offering such services, and the best part is, most of Cornerstone’s clients already have access to it!


Signature Card Services, an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) that I represent, found that they could take all the data collected from merchants via their credit card processing, analyze and sort it and give the information back to the merchant.  This information has proved to be invaluable from a marketing stand point alone.

They started analyzing date for a small e-commerce company based in San Diego.  The kitchen ware business wanted to know to whom and where they should be targeting their marketing. Using information they gained from credit card processing, Signature began gathering and analyzing all the data.   Signature’s analysis showed that the company’s best business was coming from Minnesota, of all places.  After receiving the priceless information from Signature, the small company reevaluated its marketing and began targeting that specific region.

Due to this unique service “Signature has been gaining clout among merchants…There is huge interest from prospective merchants,” says executive vice president of Signature Card Services, (and longtime, friend), Anush Amiryants in an interview with ISO & Agent Magazine.

Signature is truly changing the game and the way ISOs across the country are doing business, “In our industry, on our level, nothing like this has ever been available to merchants,” Anush says.  With Signature, you get so much more than just credit card processing.  As a leader in the field, they are taking full advantage of the information all credit card processors collect.

Analytics 2So, how does it work? Signature works with Tranzlogic, a company that specializes in helping ISOs generate and analyze information. Once they are able to access a merchant’s credit card processing data, gather it and analyze it, Signature then makes the information accessible to their clients via an online portal.

Anush, who specializes in marketing, notes, “Merchants pay a hefty sum to large marketing firms to harvest, sort and analyze customer data.  Now, with the swipe of a credit card, merchants can obtain that information at a fraction of the cost…What it does for our merchants is absolutely unparalleled.”  Signature is offering a powerful tool that offers merchants the ability to use otherwise wasted information to create an informed and specific marketing campaign aimed precisely at their target audience.

What Signature is doing for its merchants is light years ahead of their competition, and did I mention, comes standard with a merchant account. That’s right, for now, Signature does not charge extra for this service.  For those of you who already have a merchant account set up with Signature contact us to learn more about accessing and utilizing this amazing resource.  If you are using another ISO but would love to learn more about Signature and how to create a merchant account with them, call us today to learn more about how Signature and Cornerstone Business Solutions can work for you.

For more information featuring Anush Amiryants and this product, please see the referenced article, ISO Differentiates With Big Data, featured in ISO & Agent online magazine.

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