McLean County Chamber of Commerce President, Charlie Moore

Cornerstone Business Solutions has a long history of participation in the McLean County Chamber of Commerce and I’ve written past articles about the impact the organization has made upon my business.  So needless to say, the MCC is much more than a merchant services client to me, but a big part of my company’s success.

I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to interview the face of the MCC, Charlie Moore.  He’s just celebrated five years in his role as the President and CEO of the organization.  It’s been incredible the advances the organization has had in that time, with Charlie at the helm.  After spending this time with him, I realized that his intelligence and gift for eloquent communication is only surpassed by his passion for the business community here in central Illinois.  I was literally overwhelmed by these traits.  However bad my camera, editing and interviewing skills were represented, I believe his message and delivery are extraordinary in the contrast.

I particularly enjoyed hearing about Charlie’s successful path to the MCC as well as the organization’s strategic mission:  To support our members, the Mclean County Chamber of Commerce promotes local commerce, advocates business perspectives, creates relevant programs and establishes relationships for business success.

The time I spent with Charlie certainly renewed my own passion for the organization and I’m looking forward to finding ways more ways to contribute so I can get a closer view of where he leads this great organization in the future!

Robert McBeath is a Certified Payment Professional and President of Cornerstone Business Solutions.  Robert has extensive experience offering merchant services and cash advances to business owners. Visit or call him at 888.979.4731.


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