Ingenico iCT220 EMV Credit Card Demonstration and Tutorial

Today’s video ushers in a new generation of terminals with the EMV capable Ingenico iCT220 credit card terminal.    From the video, you’ll see a hands on demonstration of the mostly commonly used functions of this new terminal.   What I most liked is how simple and easy it is to use.  You’ll also notice that I’m far from an expert in the terminal. In fact, before the demonstration of this terminal, I’d only opened the box 10 minutes before and with just a retail quick users guide, I felt very comfortable showing the functions for this video.  Also, from the restaurant quick users guide it appears that the restaurant program is equally as user-friendly.

I’ll also admit I kept this video very short and to the point, so I left out many of the features, benefits and technical specs that can be found on the spec guide here.

These are the newest terminals highly recommended by my top technical support staff from my primary processing company, Signature Card Services.  As an extra bonus, they are continuing to offer these new terminals at no cost with a merchant account!  I’m sure we’ll be seeing more and more of these terminals in the marketplace as we get closer to the 2015 EMV liability shift.



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