Cranston Sparks, Mid-Illini Credit Union and Cornerstone Business Solutions: Focus on Business Relationships


When Mid-Illini Credit Union chose Cornerstone Business Solutions to handle their customer’s credit card processing needs, it was a privileged sign of trust.  Payment services for a banking institution is a critical service for their business customers.  The singular most important criterion a bank or credit union will have is that their customer receives outstanding service as the institution’s very reputation is on the line.  This week, I was able to catch up with the ‘face’ of Mid-Illini Credit union and get him to explain what makes them different!

I’ve long had a deep respect and admiration for the charm, intelligence and business savy of the distinguished Cranston Sparks.  He has a special way of building relationships with all he comes in contact with.   We built a friendship years ago while working together at various business and charity networking events.  Most recently, I’ve relished the opportunity to work with him professionally in his role as business development manager at Mid-Illini Credit Union.  I’m very proud of the working partnership that Cornerstone Business Solutions has in providing  Mid-Illini Credit Union’s customers with the very best in payment processing solutions.   Working hand in hand with a Credit Union and an individual that shares the same customer philosophy has been such a rewarding experience.  I hope viewers enjoy this spotlight on Mid-Illini Credit Union and Cranston Sparks as much as I enjoyed the opportunity to interview him.

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