Ingenico iCT220 Receipt Delay and Time Change An April Fools Joke?

Yesterday it seemed that the universe conspired together to make the day one continuous April Fool’s day joke upon me.

It began in the morning while looking out my front door to watch in disbelief as a large backhoe tractor rolled right onto my soggy front yard in front of my very eyes!  In shock, I screamed for my wife to come get the baby as I ran barefooted onto the lawn, wide eyed and arms waving in a valiant effort to save my lawn from the ravaging effects of this heavy moving equipment!  Ironically, I found that he didn’t have the wrong house, but he was there as a result of me hiring a guy to fix a fence and repair a few minor ruts left from a previous landscaper.

The day continued much like this with the coupe de grace occurring during a simple task before bed.  I’m about 6 months behind schedule on changing my furnace filter and my wife reminded me once again.  Now, as you know, this isn’t such a big deal. 30 second job, right?  The biggest issue is just buying one that fits.  Viola!  I looked and I actually had a brand new one in the furnace room, so my troubles were over, right?  Wrong.  Forty-five minutes later, I emerged from the basement, grasping a mangled, dirty, used filter in bleeding fingers, covered in dust and sweat.  Somehow the dang old filter had become wedged in the furnace and stuck.

Along the way, my curse even seemed to touch down on my one of my clients, but it was a learning experience that I can share.  Signature Card Services and Cornerstone Business Solutions is now offering EMV compliant state of the art credit card terminals under a free terminal program for its clients.  Just this week, we upgraded one of our clients for free and helped them take advantage of speedier and more consistent high speed internet transactions as well.  These Ingenico iCT220 terminals are still fairly new to me.  And of course, as a result I got a call with two issues that happened yesterday that are easy fixes in the future.

The first issue was that the terminal automatically batched out at 2 O’clock.  That’s 2pm in the afternoon.  It was set to autobatch at 2am but the time in the terminal was off by 12 hours and needed to be reset to the correct time.

Instructions for setting the time and date for the Ingenico iCT220 are:

1.         Press F (function) key

2.         Put in the Password 1234567 F (function) key and then Enter

3.         Press Enter on TELIUM Manager

4.         Press 3 for Initialization

5.         Press Enter for 1 parameters

6.         Press Enter for Date/Time

The other issue that he was having that is common with the factory settings on the Ingenico iCT220 is that the customer receipt was printing too quickly before the merchant could decline or pull off the first receipt.  We needed to increase the amount of time before the default of automatically printing the second receipt.  That was also a very easy fix.

The steps for updating the RECEIPT DELAY are:

1.         Press the # button

2.         Select SETUP

3.         Select RECEIPTS

4.         Select RECEIPT OPTIONS

5.         Select RCPTDELAY

6.         Input the seconds you want the customer copy prompt to be delayed (max 99 seconds)

With those two quick fixes, my client was happy with his improved terminal and I was able to gain some knowledge to pass on to my other clients and for all my troubles, maybe at least my April Fool’s Day curse can offer some entertainment for others!

Robert McBeath is a Certified Payment Professional and President of Cornerstone Business Solutions.  Robert has extensive experience offering merchant services and cash advances to business owners. Visit or call him at 888.979.4731.



Credit Card Terminal Burning Video: Behind the Scenes!

wile-e-coyoteEvery once in awhile I have those days where I feel like I should have Looney Tunes music playing in the background for me.  I had one of those days this week.  In fact, since the week isn’t over yet, why NOT go ahead and share my hilarity that has very little to do with credit card processing!  Actually, if as a reader, you only read my blog posts because you know me and have little interest in payment processing, you might actually enjoy this story.

Anyway, I’m very passionate about the merchant services industry and servicing my customers.  As you can see, I’ve started blog posting to share with others what I know about the payment services industry.  I was a very reluctant writer at first, but knew it was an important investment in my customers and others.  In addition to educating and informing, I’m also trying to add some entertainment to a rather dry industry.  I’m on a serious learning curve, but I’m beginning to figure out that I can add my own photos and even videos to liven things up.

So Tuesday morning while in the shower, I’m thinking of my blog post that I’m in the midst of writing.  And out of the blue it hits me!  “What that post needs is a burning credit card machine!”  So I said out loud, “Today I’m going to torch a credit card terminal and make a video!”  To which from somewhere in the house I heard my wife reply, “Great idea, can I help?”  Or it might have been “You’re going to burn a building down!”  Or most likely it was the standard, “Shut up, you’ll wake up the baby!”  It was hard to tell what it was with soap in my ears.  But regardless, I was grinning and the wheels were turning.  I had the video all planned out perfectly in my head before I had even finished drying my hair!  I was floating on air, picturing myself as the next Scorcese!  In fact, I was so confident that I was a natural that I didn’t even need to write a script or even inform the other participants of their role.  I mean, how hard could this be?

I really thought this would be simple and done in 15 minutes.  How wrong was I!  It took me 15 minutes just to find an old terminal that I didn’t mind burning.  I didn’t realize it would be that hard.  I’ve faced many terminals with issues over the years and I’ve often dreamed of torturing the devices as payback, so my enthusiasm wasn’t quelled.  I finally settled upon an old, used Verifone Tranz 330 reader that was probably 20 years old.

A burning building wasn’t the type of video I was after so I decided to utilize the fire pit in my backyard for the event.  Going through the garage I quickly located lighter fluid, a lighter and my wife’s favorite wrought iron plant stand to display the flaming terminal on.  As an afterthought, I also grabbed the jacket out of my closet that looked the most fire retardant and had the garden hose nearby ready to go.  Safety first, right?

Now, for the most difficult part, recruiting my wife to video tape my masterpiece!  I don’t understand why she couldn’t see my brilliance at work with this.  After some explaining of my vision, and assurances that there wasn’t going to be a huge explosion, I managed to get her to reluctantly come outside with the Iphone to record with.  Along the way, I’m certain I saw her entering 911 on the speed dial as well, but that did little to waiver my confidence.

I had a vision of how the shoot should go and I explained to my wife, Krista that I was going to say something witty and attention getting, followed by me dousing the terminal with lighter fluid and then an unscripted and hilarious call to my tech support department to show off their efficiency regardless of circumstances.  A few laughs later I would notice the issue with the terminal was that it wasn’t plugged in.  Problem solved.  Fade to black.

However, this fantasy of my perfect video only existed in my dreams.  I forgot how tongue tied I get in front of any camera.  I also didn’t foresee that these dang near indestructible Tranz 330’s from a different generation WILL NOT BURN!


After many failed attempts, I finally doused plywood and cardboard in gasoline and set the terminal on top of that!

So, camera rolling, confident there would be fire, I called my tech support team, intending to be like an anonymous caller to showcase their speed and efficiency.  Well of course I got right ahold of tech support as Signature never keeps anyone waiting on hold.  Even before the tech agent Alberto answered the phone with a “Hello Robert, how can I help you” a gust of wind came and blew out the flame.  I tried to smile for the camera as we were now completely off of my mental script.  First, he wasn’t supposed to know it was me and second, the big fire was part of my story!!!  I stuttered and stammered something about a T330 not working, trying to salvage my video.  He informed me that those are no longer compliant or workable anyway, since he didn’t know I was taping this on a video demo. He was just so darned efficient!  I ended that call quickly by saying it appears it’s not plugged in, thanks!  Of course it’s true it wasn’t plugged in and I’m certain at that point, even after several attempts to put it out of its misery, the thing still would have powered up!  The credit card machine was definitely winning this battle!


credit card terminal to burnFinally out of desperation, I generously doused nearly a gallon of gasoline all over the terminal, plywood, my wife’s plant stand and the fire pit.  Despite my wife’s protests, through gritted teeth I commanded her to record as I gripped the lighter.  This was no longer a funny video to inform about the virtues of Signature’s tech support.  This was all about one man’s mission to annihilate a stubborn, obsolete piece of machinery!  And alas, I emerged victorious!  It was with great glee that I beheld the whole ensemble go up in glorious flames!  I even had a few fitting lines that managed to come tumbling out of my mouth.  Five seconds later, my wife had enough.  She flipped me the camera and demanded me to, “Put that thing out!”  before she trotted off.

burning terminalI wish I could say I did as instructed, but I continued to bask in the flames of the melting gadget for long minutes, just enjoying the victory.  I was almost mesmerized until the wind shifted and I choked on toxic fumes.

Was this a waste of perfectly great day that I could have been productive with?   Absolutely!  But did I get my video?  And was it fun?  Heck yes!  And the best part is, while I’m in my back yard playing with fire, I’ve got the best support team in the world with Signature, taking care of my clients for me!  Life is good!




Credit Card Machine Not Working?

broken credit card terminalA credit card machine that isn’t working can be frustrating and could lead to missed sales and revenue.  Every merchant services provider will promise the best customer service, but can they quickly and efficiently make sure your terminal is working in your time of need?  My belief is that the most important function of a bank card representative and their processing office is to ensure that if there is ever a technical interruption of service, that a merchant is able to start accepting cards again as quickly and easily as possible.  I know that if a credit card machine is broken, a business is counting on a swift and effective response from tech support.

Alert Edit, October 2015:  If you have a terminal issue with a Hypercom/Equinox T4200 series credit card machine, please click here for information on a known issue causing outages.

Signature Service AwardsOf the many reasons that I’m proud to represent Signature Card Services is their incredible tech support team and the lengths they go to in order to help merchants with any tech support issues.  Their team is led by a duo of the most experienced, efficient and caring merchant services technicians that I’ve EVER dealt with in this industry.  Arin Yarian, is the manager of their department and I’ve worked with him for years and his professionalism and customer focused attitude continues to amaze me.

Since they help hundreds of merchants every week, I asked them some of the most common technical support issues they’ve seen with our most popular terminal, the Hypercom/Equinox brand.  Within an hour they shared with me a list of the most common issues and a quick fix guide that I’m passing along.

  • T7Plus & T4200 series: Transactions FAILED – CE (communication error); this means that something is interrupting the terminal from calling out such as not being plugged in direct to the wall jack.  It could be digital voice mail on phone line because it gives a stutter tone to alert a voice mail has been received.  It could be a bad splitter or using a filter. It could be that toll dialing is not working or that a digital phone line is being used.
  • T7Plus & T4200 series: Transactions FAILED – TO (time out); this means that something is delaying the terminal communication and then communication is dropped. Reasons might be not being plugged in direct to the wall jack.  Also it could be digital voice mail on phone line because it gives a stutter tone to alert a voice mail has been received or it could be a bad splitter or using a filter or even a very long extension cord.  Possibly a digital phone line is being used.
  • T7Plus & T4200 series: Please wait line busy; this means that something is interrupting the terminal from calling out such as not being plugged in direct to the wall jack.  It could be digital voice mail on phone line because it gives a stutter tone to alert a voice mail has been received.  Or it could be a bad splitter or using a filter.  It could be that a prefix is needed to dial out such as 0 or 9 or it could also be that a voice over IP phone line is being used.
  • T4200 series: Terminal stuck on SPOS32; this means that either the home button was pressed or the power was removed from terminal and all you have to do is press the button next to SPOS32.
  • T4200 series: Terminal keeps rebooting; this could be because initially when the terminal power was plugged in the shape on the cord and the shape on the port was not aligned and so power cord was damaged and cannot lock in place now.  If every time it is moved it shuts down, then using the wire clip to hold the cords in place can help by placing terminal so that power cord doesn’t move.
  • T4200 series: Invalid Terminal Keys; this is not fixable and terminal needs to be replaced because there was a power outage or power surge that removed the OS from the terminal or the terminal could have been dropped.
  • T4200 series: No paper even though paper is in terminal; this could be fixable or if persistent terminal needs to be replaced.  It usually means that the paper sensor in the terminal needs to be cleaned.  It can be cleaned with wet wipe nonabrasive chemical.  Alternately it may be that the OS was damaged and is not recognizing printer properly.
  • All terminals: terminal not printing; merchant just changed paper roll and still not printing means that thermal paper is not being used or that the thermal paper with the thermal chemical side is not pointing towards the terminal. There is a glossy side on thermal paper and if that side is not facing the inside of a terminal it will not print.


As you can see from the list, the first three potential issues have nothing to do with the terminal and everything to do with the communication lines.  Without a doubt, the vast majority of technical support issues are due to a terminal no longer able to utilize the telephone line and in many cases it’s actually a local phone provider issue.  And yes, a merchant may be able to utilize the phone line for making a call and yet have it suddenly unable to work for processing credit card transactions.

My customers supported by Signature Card Services can reach their award winning tech support by calling them directly at (888)334-2284.  Hours of availability are 10 am – 8pm M-F.  24/7 back up support is also available at 800-228- 0210.

Most terminal support issues are rather mundane and the worst case scenario consists of an overnight replacement of a terminal.  However, some might wonder what the most extreme issue I’ve ever run into.  Well, if you promise not tell anybody, I’ll share my most shocking story that was shared with me from an Independent Sales Office (ISO) that I worked with before I started Cornerstone.

This ISO I was working with had won a contract to provide merchant services for a fast food chain.  This chain served particularly greasy food and most of the locations were urban.  The ISO was receiving numerous calls of the terminals not functioning and were having problems locating the issues.  Upon onsite investigation, they discovered that the grease from the fryers was splattering the telephone lines and since they were coated in grease, rats were gnawing on the lines, resulting in communication issues!

burning terminalMost merchants will never have issues with their terminal because of rats or a terminal being set on fire, but if processing long enough, every piece of electronics will eventually experience a break down.  When it happens, it’s important to feel secure with a solid merchant support department that can help with a speedy and hassle free resolution to the issue.

Many times I’ve talked to business owners experiencing persistent and frustrating terminal issues.  They’ve shared horror stories of their tech support being difficult to reach with long hold times and then dealing with incompetent tech support personnel unable or unwilling to resolve their issues.  I’ve seen where agents and tech support have often tried to sell new equipment at a hefty mark up to take advantage of the merchant’s unfortunate situation.  Actually, in most cases the original bank card representative cannot even be reached!

For business owners that have a terminal down, there are alternatives.  A quick call to Cornerstone Business Solutions, backed by the tech savy Signature Card Services, and we can advise the best course of action.  Sometimes a more service oriented company IS the solution.  And with Signature’s free terminal program with guarantee, we can have a brand new free terminal with low cost processing in record time.  Call Cornerstone Business Solutions at 309-820-0076.

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Robert McBeath is a Certified Payment Professional and President of Cornerstone Business Solutions.  Robert has extensive experience offering merchant services and cash advances to business owners. Visit or call him at 888.979.4731.

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