Ingenico iCT220 Receipt Delay and Time Change An April Fools Joke?

Yesterday it seemed that the universe conspired together to make the day one continuous April Fool’s day joke upon me.

It began in the morning while looking out my front door to watch in disbelief as a large backhoe tractor rolled right onto my soggy front yard in front of my very eyes!  In shock, I screamed for my wife to come get the baby as I ran barefooted onto the lawn, wide eyed and arms waving in a valiant effort to save my lawn from the ravaging effects of this heavy moving equipment!  Ironically, I found that he didn’t have the wrong house, but he was there as a result of me hiring a guy to fix a fence and repair a few minor ruts left from a previous landscaper.

The day continued much like this with the coupe de grace occurring during a simple task before bed.  I’m about 6 months behind schedule on changing my furnace filter and my wife reminded me once again.  Now, as you know, this isn’t such a big deal. 30 second job, right?  The biggest issue is just buying one that fits.  Viola!  I looked and I actually had a brand new one in the furnace room, so my troubles were over, right?  Wrong.  Forty-five minutes later, I emerged from the basement, grasping a mangled, dirty, used filter in bleeding fingers, covered in dust and sweat.  Somehow the dang old filter had become wedged in the furnace and stuck.

Along the way, my curse even seemed to touch down on my one of my clients, but it was a learning experience that I can share.  Signature Card Services and Cornerstone Business Solutions is now offering EMV compliant state of the art credit card terminals under a free terminal program for its clients.  Just this week, we upgraded one of our clients for free and helped them take advantage of speedier and more consistent high speed internet transactions as well.  These Ingenico iCT220 terminals are still fairly new to me.  And of course, as a result I got a call with two issues that happened yesterday that are easy fixes in the future.

The first issue was that the terminal automatically batched out at 2 O’clock.  That’s 2pm in the afternoon.  It was set to autobatch at 2am but the time in the terminal was off by 12 hours and needed to be reset to the correct time.

Instructions for setting the time and date for the Ingenico iCT220 are:

1.         Press F (function) key

2.         Put in the Password 1234567 F (function) key and then Enter

3.         Press Enter on TELIUM Manager

4.         Press 3 for Initialization

5.         Press Enter for 1 parameters

6.         Press Enter for Date/Time

The other issue that he was having that is common with the factory settings on the Ingenico iCT220 is that the customer receipt was printing too quickly before the merchant could decline or pull off the first receipt.  We needed to increase the amount of time before the default of automatically printing the second receipt.  That was also a very easy fix.

The steps for updating the RECEIPT DELAY are:

1.         Press the # button

2.         Select SETUP

3.         Select RECEIPTS

4.         Select RECEIPT OPTIONS

5.         Select RCPTDELAY

6.         Input the seconds you want the customer copy prompt to be delayed (max 99 seconds)

With those two quick fixes, my client was happy with his improved terminal and I was able to gain some knowledge to pass on to my other clients and for all my troubles, maybe at least my April Fool’s Day curse can offer some entertainment for others!

Robert McBeath is a Certified Payment Professional and President of Cornerstone Business Solutions.  Robert has extensive experience offering merchant services and cash advances to business owners. Visit or call him at 888.979.4731.



Point of Sale System Review: Harbortouch Retail POS vs. Phone Swipe POS Tablet


Harbortouch Retail POS System

Phone Swipe Tablet Slick

North American Bancard Phoneswipe Tablet POS System






I’ve been around long enough to remember when the choices for accepting credit cards were between a manual imprinter, aka knuckle buster, and a Verifone Zon Jr. electronic device.  Thankfully, the industry has matured enough that there are a multitude of card acceptance methods that are designed to not only accept payments, but to also be an indispensable business tool.  In fact, there are so many new card acceptance platforms being released, even those of us in the industry can’t keep up with them all!

Although I have many choices to present to my clients, I’ve narrowed the field down to two different Point of Sale choices.  They both offer unique benefits for my retail clients that wish to have a system beyond just a credit card terminal.  I’ve chosen to represent both of these processing companies and their integrated POS System, based upon their commitment to our customers, low processing rates, and ease of use and implementation.   The correct choice depends upon the business, so I’ll do my best to give a short rundown on the features of each, pricing and the advantages.


Harbortouch is a full featured Point Of Sale (POS) system that integrates top quality equipment with state of the art software for the ultimate POS solution.  This system is a one point hardware, software and credit card processing solution that integrates seamlessly and delivers blazingly fast speed and flawless performance.  Harbortouch is a robust, top end system that allows a business to streamline business operations and automate daily management activities.  So in addition to accepting all credit cards, checks, and even gift cards it will also help manage your business and employees.

Features Include:
  • Advanced reporting providing a top-level picture of your business
  • Reports that can be downloaded into QuickBooks
  • Customer Database with gift and loyalty
  • Inventory tracking and monitor stock depletion
  • Employee management with built-in scheduling, time clock and payroll
  • Lighthouse system allows real-time tracking of business remotely

The complete package includes custom programming of inventory for each business customer and on site professional installation as well as free training and ongoing support.  The system is extremely durable with a high clarity 15” touch screen and on board lightning fast touch screen.  The standard package also includes cash drawer, a printer and even a bar code reader.

Although this system has all of the features and functions of high-end systems costing several thousand up front with considerable ongoing user expenses, this system is extremely affordable.  The system itself is free!  Yes, free with a 5 year agreement (there is a small shipping fee).  The monthly service agreement is all-inclusive and is only $69 a month and $59 quarterly.  This covers unlimited support, software upgrades and even free overnight replacement of equipment if necessary.  Extremely competitive credit card processing fees will also apply.  Delivery time is approximately three weeks.

Phone Swipe Tablet

Click for Phone Swipe PPT Demo

The Phone Swipe Tablet program is a much simpler POS system based upon a tablet with a custom application that does cloud based processing.  The new Free Tablet system comes preloaded with the POS application as well as a few select applications and the ability to browse the internet.  To achieve PCI compliance, there is no capability to add additional applications beyond those approved.  The hardware platform is a free iPad 2 attached to a solid stand with a swiper.  This system operates on Wi-Fi, which is a great feature for mobile merchants as well as merchants that want to accept cards anywhere within their store.  A printer as well as a cash drawer can be added with a router connection, although the system will work just fine with email receipts.   This is a very simple, easy to use system comes shipped, ready to use within minutes out of the box.  Setting up your own inventory (if desired) in the system is extremely easy utilizing the tablet cameras.  This allows easy checkout menus utilizing pictures and has a very user-friendly sorting program.

Features Include:
  • Easy navigation, including express check out
  • Next day funding
  • Ability to accept payments on the go
  • Business intelligence tools
  • Cloud backup
  • Real time and history reporting

The Phone Swipe Tablet, application, stand and swiper come as part of the standard package.  The special introductory rate includes reduced equipment costs and processing rate, offering savings over the life of the three-year contract.  For businesses doing over $9500 a month in credit card business the system is absolutely free!  Lower volume businesses will see a service charge up to $99 a month.  A compatible printer can be added for only $14.95 a month or printer and cash drawer for $19.95, although it might make more sense to just purchase these items elsewhere for long-term savings.  Delivery time is less than one week.  One free replacement is included for the system.  There is only a $79 annual software fee, with no other annual fees or PCI compliance fees with the processing.  This system includes the North American Bancard credit card processing at a highly reduced rate.


Again, both are exceptional products from two of the long time, leading processing companies in the industry.  They both have an excellent track record of customer satisfaction along with extremely competitive processing rates.  The startup cost for each of these systems is negligible and the monthly expense is comparable, especially considering how much comes with the Harbortouch POS system.  It may be difficult choosing one over the other as it really comes down to the merchant’s individual needs.

Harbortouch is my recommendation for a location that wants a full on POS system, with full reporting including inventory tracking, bar code reader and a gift card program with equipment designed for abuse from employees.  The all-in-one system and support as well as the unlimited equipment replacement warranty will ensure you always have a working system.  Also not relying on a Wi-Fi connection or an iPad charger can help ensure more reliable processing of transactions.

North American Bancard Phone Swipe is my recommendation for a merchant that wants a very simple and easy to use system that is a solid step up from a credit card terminal with many more functions at a comparable price.  The ability to be mobile and also add your own devices to this system is definitely an advantage to many merchants.  The next day funding as well as the lowered processing rate is an additional bonus.

For some businesses, the choice will be obvious which system best suits their needs.  For others, the decision may weigh more heavily and I’m glad to provide more information and answer any questions that may help in choosing the right POS system for the long-term.  Feel free to contact me at 309-820-0076 or complete the form below and we will contact you.

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