Ingenico iCT220 Receipt Delay and Time Change An April Fools Joke?

Yesterday it seemed that the universe conspired together to make the day one continuous April Fool’s day joke upon me.

It began in the morning while looking out my front door to watch in disbelief as a large backhoe tractor rolled right onto my soggy front yard in front of my very eyes!  In shock, I screamed for my wife to come get the baby as I ran barefooted onto the lawn, wide eyed and arms waving in a valiant effort to save my lawn from the ravaging effects of this heavy moving equipment!  Ironically, I found that he didn’t have the wrong house, but he was there as a result of me hiring a guy to fix a fence and repair a few minor ruts left from a previous landscaper.

The day continued much like this with the coupe de grace occurring during a simple task before bed.  I’m about 6 months behind schedule on changing my furnace filter and my wife reminded me once again.  Now, as you know, this isn’t such a big deal. 30 second job, right?  The biggest issue is just buying one that fits.  Viola!  I looked and I actually had a brand new one in the furnace room, so my troubles were over, right?  Wrong.  Forty-five minutes later, I emerged from the basement, grasping a mangled, dirty, used filter in bleeding fingers, covered in dust and sweat.  Somehow the dang old filter had become wedged in the furnace and stuck.

Along the way, my curse even seemed to touch down on my one of my clients, but it was a learning experience that I can share.  Signature Card Services and Cornerstone Business Solutions is now offering EMV compliant state of the art credit card terminals under a free terminal program for its clients.  Just this week, we upgraded one of our clients for free and helped them take advantage of speedier and more consistent high speed internet transactions as well.  These Ingenico iCT220 terminals are still fairly new to me.  And of course, as a result I got a call with two issues that happened yesterday that are easy fixes in the future.

The first issue was that the terminal automatically batched out at 2 O’clock.  That’s 2pm in the afternoon.  It was set to autobatch at 2am but the time in the terminal was off by 12 hours and needed to be reset to the correct time.

Instructions for setting the time and date for the Ingenico iCT220 are:

1.         Press F (function) key

2.         Put in the Password 1234567 F (function) key and then Enter

3.         Press Enter on TELIUM Manager

4.         Press 3 for Initialization

5.         Press Enter for 1 parameters

6.         Press Enter for Date/Time

The other issue that he was having that is common with the factory settings on the Ingenico iCT220 is that the customer receipt was printing too quickly before the merchant could decline or pull off the first receipt.  We needed to increase the amount of time before the default of automatically printing the second receipt.  That was also a very easy fix.

The steps for updating the RECEIPT DELAY are:

1.         Press the # button

2.         Select SETUP

3.         Select RECEIPTS

4.         Select RECEIPT OPTIONS

5.         Select RCPTDELAY

6.         Input the seconds you want the customer copy prompt to be delayed (max 99 seconds)

With those two quick fixes, my client was happy with his improved terminal and I was able to gain some knowledge to pass on to my other clients and for all my troubles, maybe at least my April Fool’s Day curse can offer some entertainment for others!

Robert McBeath is a Certified Payment Professional and President of Cornerstone Business Solutions.  Robert has extensive experience offering merchant services and cash advances to business owners. Visit or call him at 888.979.4731.



Free Check Presenters, Signage and More From Discover!


Update:  After a multitude of  responses, emails and calls looking for ME to send the check presenters, I realized that many weren’t grasping that I’m not in any way associated with Discover, or able to give them the check presenters.  I’m merely assisting with advice.  Contact discover as outlined below.

Does the thought of getting free handouts appeal to you?  Could you use check presenters, credit card signage, tote bags, pens and more?  In a previous article touting the benefits of accepting Discover,  I gave a link to Discover’s site that offers free branded merchandise for assisting businesses.  Just this week, I received notification that they have upgraded this program with a redesigned site and even more offerings!  If you go to their new site, you just need to sign in, or get a quick login id and you’ll have access to a catalog of promotional items. Their redesigned site has a great intuitive user interface and makes it incredibly easy to navigate and find the free items you want to help build your business.  In addition to the array of signage items such as various window stickers, table top items, card holders, etc., you’ll find informative handouts, check presenters, pens.  I’m also impressed with the other items they offer for free, such as tote bags, manicure kits, crayons and more!

They can even customize the free check presenters with your business logo embossed on the cover!  In addition, all items are not only free, but the shipping is also completely free and they don’t even require a credit card!  Over the years I’ve seen Discover working very hard to win customer loyalty and give more and more to the business owners.  This is just another warm gesture from a great company that truly cares about their customer base and wants to provide the some free tools and fun merchandise to help merchants grow their business!

Robert McBeath is a Certified Payment Professional and President of Cornerstone Business Solutions.  Robert has extensive experience offering merchant services and cash advances to business owners.

Contact information for Cornerstone Business Solutions and Robert McBeath has been removed from this page.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to make it more clear that we DO NOT provide the check presenters, it would be appreciated, so please don’t contact us requesting the check presenters.  Calls will not be returned.  Thanks for understanding!

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