Automotion’s Russell Herman: Auto Repair and Earning Customer Loyalty

Automotion is not only a valuable customer, but owner Russell Herman has also been a major influence on Cornerstone Business Solution’s Gift and Loyalty card program offerings.  Russell started as a Cornerstone Business Solutions credit card processing client.  Shortly after, I became a loyal customer of his as well.  Not too long into our relationship, he began asking me about specific loyalty programs and with his direction, I’ve been able to provide some unique loyalty solutions.

What I love about Russell, is although he is incredibly skilled as a mechanic, he’s just as talented at marketing, building a business and customer relationships.  I’ve learned so much about the value of long-term customer loyalty from him, and how programs can be implemented to foster life long customer relationships.  I’m always grateful when he takes the time to share with me, particularly on how other retailers can utilize my loyalty programs.  On this day, I was particularly excited that he allowed me to capture him on film as he shares for everyone his customer philosophy.

Business owners will learn a little bit from this interview on an effective use of a loyalty program that keeps customers coming back.  Everyone else will appreciate his tips on choosing an auto mechanic, as well as his story about the craziest thing he’s ever seen in the business, as well as my own personal confession.

Robert McBeath is a Certified Payment Professional and President of Cornerstone Business Solutions.  Robert has extensive experience offering merchant services and cash advances to business owners. Visit or call him at 888.979.4731.

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