Announcing the Evolution to BizzGrizz!

Cornerstone_bug_blueBizzGrizz symbol1_4cFinally, it can be revealed!  The complete transformation of Cornerstone Business Solutions to BizzGrizz!

If you’ve followed my post over the past few years or happen to be dropping by this site for the first time, you’ll notice that there has been little to no new activity here.  That doesn’t mean that my dedication to small businesses has dissipated or that I’ve been taking a long vacation.  The reality is that, my vision became much larger!

The second quarter of 2014, I began to formulate an audacious goal to reach a multitude of business, and reinvent Cornerstone to be more than just another merchant services provider.  Little did I know then, the path that it would take me down and how much would be involved in setting up the framework for this new venture!

If you were to look at my pasts posts, although they were written as Cornerstone Business Solutions, it’s easy to tell that the underlying theme was that it was centered around me.  Whether it was about me being the expert on merchant services, my experience as a Certified Payment Professional, my personal clients or my background with the company.  Essentially, the company was built around my expertise, client/friends and my observations and experiences as a payment card specialist.  Although I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with my desires to share my wealth of knowledge in this field, the fact is, when a company is integrated so much around one individual, then there is little room for anyone else.

So, when I set out on this journey to create something that could grow and provide more value to more businesses, the first epiphany was that I wasn’t going to get there alone.  All great companies have a team with unique strengths that together create something special.  In fact, I’ve been told that the best thing you can do is hire somebody better than yourself.  When I thought about this, many great people came to mind.  But when I asked myself who was the most respected connector, speaker and sales coach that I knew, one name stood out.  Brent Kelly!  Quite honestly, getting somebody of his caliber to join me, seemed initially like a long shot.  However, after months of collaboration, planning and sorting out details, we emerged with a shared vision and became partners in a new venture, BizzGrizz, Your Bear for Small Business!

With Brent’s incredible coaching, marketing, speaking and sales skills and a shared passion for empowering small businesses, we are bringing much more to the table than Cornerstone ever could for the small business community.  We will be the resource for small businesses providing extra value to merchants with innovative solutions, integrating POS payment processing, marketing and training.  Our program will be second to none when it comes to Point of Sale systems, merchant services, marketing programs, business loan funding, loyalty plans and energy services.  In addition to this, Brent Kelly as our CEO, promises to bring more to the small business community by reaching out in a variety of media formats to provide top-notch training and tools for the success of small businesses.  From day one, our shared vision has been to be the best in helping small business maximize revenue and optimize efficiencies leading to greater profits!

A big change with the new shared vision is, we intend to share this growth with a team.  Where before, I insisted on being the sole point of contact and the expert, now I’ll be passing my knowledge along.  With Brent’s great coaching and leadership skills and my in-depth knowledge of providing business services, we’ll look forward to training a team of highly qualified sales representatives that share our core values.

So, as of today, with our official launch party video posted, so begins a new chapter.  I’ll admit a small part of me can’t help but be sentimental about the closing of the door of Cornerstone Card Processing, dba. Cornerstone Business Solutions.  But, knowing that is the next evolution and I’ll be taking friends/clients and all my great experiences with me to the next adventure leaves me nothing but excited about the open door ahead of me!  I sincerely hope you’ll join me and my new team as we begin this new journey, at our new site,!



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