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Robert McBeath was born in 1966 in Pontiac, IL, a small town in Central Illinois.   He considers himself blessed to have been raised by two incredible, loving parents.  Beyond the love for their kids, the biggest impact on Robert’s life was the example Bill and Rosemary McBeath set.  They both have always had an incredible work ethic as well as strong values and integrity.  Bill McBeath’s early business advice to Robert will never be forgotten.  “Always give more than you are paid for .”

His father also said, “Now that you have your first paying customer, you take care of him and never forget him!”  Those words were said shortly after Robert started selling credit card processing.   That very client is still a customer after over 17 years now! 

Robert will readily admit that he has had failures in life that have led to some of his greatest growth and blessings.  After leaving Illinois State before getting a degree, he worked various jobs before landing in sales in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.  He was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and experienced some successes and failures that were learning experiences before moving back to central Illinois to be closer to his family.

He was fortunate to find a career within two weeks of his return.  He began working for a startup company that was fresh out of the basement.  He quickly became their top manager in building the company from no annual sales to becoming a multi-million dollar company in less than four years.  When Robert started with the company, they only sold credit card terminals but shortly after, new legislation opened up the independently owned small ATM market and it was a strong addition.  The company soon found a niche and transitioned into becoming a nationwide ATM wholesaler.  That company is now known as Kahuna ATM Solutions, one of the leaders in the industry.

Robert’s heart was working with the merchant’s themselves and the merchant services industry.  So, he amicably parted with Kahuna to become the co-founder of  Cornerstone Card Processing, Inc. in March of 2000.

Throughout the years, Cornerstone has been the concept, vision and passion of Robert’s life.  As President, he has provided the vision, guided and grown the company.  Starting on a shoe string budget, he ensured that the company endured 9/11 and a major recession in its first eighteen months.  During the entire history of the company he has ensured steady, conservative growth, while showing profitability every month in business, without assuming debt.

His career highlights include:

President's AwardJanuary 2002, Robert was honored to receive the prestigious President’s Award at the McLean County Chamber of Commerce Annual Gala in honor of his commitment and servitude.


5 Minutes With Robert McBeath Article

March 2005, due to his community involvement, Robert was selected to be featured in B2B Magazine, central Illinois business magazine.



Greensheet Page 1

October 2006, Robert was the featured agent of the month in the premiere industry magazine, the Greensheet.  In

this interview his insights, philosophy and training were shared with agents nationally.

Certified Payment Professional

November of 2011, Robert was part of the inaugural class to earn the new Electronic Transaction Association designation of Certified Payment Professional. The CPP Program sets the standard for professional performance in the payment industry and less than 1% of all agents achieve this status.

His duties have included all facets of managing a business, including training numerous employees and sales people throughout the years.  However, his true passion is still the relationships he has with the business owners with whom he works.   He prefers a hands-on approach, and prefers to personally assist his own customers and prospective new clients alike.

Robert is happy the years of building a foundation for his business are behind him as are the 80+ hour work weeks.  He enjoys a well-balanced life with time for family and friends, community service, fitness and his spiritual life.

001 Father's Day Krista Robert JillianHe met his wife Krista at a business networking function in 2004 and they married in 2006.  Their daughter Jillian, born in April 2013, was the answer to many prayers.  Along with Oscar, their pet dachshund, they live in Bloomington, IL.  They all enjoy weekends and evenings walking around the neighborhood, grilling in the backyard or play time in front of the fireplace.

They belong to Eastview Christian Church and enjoy spending time with their home bible study group.

Hobbies include reading, traveling, target shooting, and P90X fitness program.


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