About Our Company

Cornerstone Business Solutions

When Cornerstone Business Solutions was incorporated in March 2000 as Cornerstone Card Processing, Inc. the vision was to provide the very best in merchant services programs for the local community.  We’ve promised and delivered the best quality processing at the lowest possible price and we are proud to have excelled as the local credit card processing leader in Bloomington-Normal and Central Illinois.  We are grateful for the way the local businesses have embraced us and contributed to our growth.

Over the years we’ve found that we are not only extremely competitive on a local scale, but can compete nationally, while using newly available technology to keep the same level of service nationwide.  We’ve also found that our customers deserve more than just a credit card machine and processing.  We’ve added additional services that increase revenue, cut expenses and maximize efficiency for small and medium sized businesses.  In addition to merchant services, we now specialize in gift and loyalty card solutions, check guarantee, e-commerce, POS solutions, mobile credit card processing and merchant cash advances.  As a result, we added our Doing Business As, Cornerstone Business Solutions in 2010 to better reflect our expansive service offerings.

Changes in the industry have been drastic since the inception of Cornerstone.  We’ve grown and adapted as well.  Where once we were focused on sales of credit card terminals, we now see ourselves in a more consultative role, where we are more concerned with helping existing and new customers with the overall business solutions.  Our customers can count on us to be the trusted advisor beyond just a terminal and a good processing rate.  We’ve been there to assist our customers with navigating Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, Tax Identification Number Compliance, and most recently we’ve been working hard to ensure our customers see the maximum in payouts from the payment card class action settlement suit.

At Cornerstone Business Solutions, we never forget who we work for and where our loyalties lie, and we believe that’s what separates us from the multitude of competitors.  Most industry Sales Agents and Sales Agent offices represent one company.    It’s undeniable that their first responsibility is to the company they work for.  At Cornerstone, we have partnered with several of the largest providers nationwide to be able to provide the very best solution at the best price, depending on each of our customer’s unique needs.    Our freedom to represent the most advantageous company means that we are working for our customers first!



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